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National Contact Points (NCPs) in Belgium

In Belgium, being a federal country, we have 5 different NCP structures with each their own NCP coordinator and NCP websites:

Federal Government

The federal NCPs, EUROFED, are hosted by the Belgian Science Policy Office (Belspo). Their target group is the federal research institutes and other federal actors.

NCP coordinator: Pascale VAN DINTER
Website: EUROFED


The NCPs in Flanders are hosted by Vlaio (Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen) and by FWO (Research Foundation – Flanders). Their target group is all organisations located in the Flanders region or inside the competence of the Flemish Community (e.g. universities, high schools).

NCP coördinator: Ann Van Hauwaert

French Speaking Community

The NCP-FNRS is hosted by the Fund for Scientific Research-FNRS (F.R.S.-FNRS).Their target is all higher education organisations (e.g. universities, high schools) located in the Brussels-Wallonia Federation.

NCP coördinator: Natacha WITTORSKI
Website: NCP-FNRS


NCP Brussels is hosted by (the Brussels Enterprise Agency). Their target group is all organisations located in the Brussels-Capital Region, focus on SMEs, industrial leadership and societal challenges.

NCP coördinator:Ji-Hyeon Kim Vanguers
Website: NCP Brussels

Walloon Region

NCP-Wallonie is hosted by UWE (Union Wallonne des Entreprises).Their target group is all organisations located in the Walloon region interested in Industrial leadership & Societal challenges.

NCP coördinator: Pierre FIASSE
Website: NCP-Wallonie